did this just make it canon that HYDRA and SPECTRE could be connected? ;)

thank you mechanical-jewel for suggesting I ask him about it :)

#for all who missed it this morning #the glory of logo studying and the linearness between hydra and spectre is truly magnificent

I could fangirl about Steranko’s design skills all day, but what I love most about the evolution from SPECTRE to HYDRA is that while SPECTRE’s octopus invokes the basic image of a giant monster with arms that can grab on to many things at once and squeeze the life out of them, i.e. the same reason political cartoonists have long used octopodes to symbolize business monopolies, perceived government overreach, imperialism and dictatorships (including Nazi Germany), etc:

Steranko’s HYDRA insignia hearkens even more directly to the Nazis via the skull and crossbones insignia that the SS actually wore (because this cannot be stressed enough, the Nazis actually were supervillains):


So it makes perfect sense that (blending in some book!canon here) SPECTRE formed during the Cold War by HYDRA defectors who really just wanted to blackmail the world’s wealthiest people and nations and were less concerned with actual world domination or racial superiority. And they looked that their old insignia and thought, “Well shit, we’re evil, but we’re not skull and crossbones evil. Let’s just take the octopus idea and run with it.”

Josh Hartnett by Mario Testino for VMAN Magazine 2006

A Knight’s Tale (USA, 2001)



Marion cotillard and Jeanne moreau

Marion cotillard and Jeanne moreau


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